Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Weekly Job Hunt

I had two good interviews during the past week, one at the hospital, where I have been volunteering, and one at a local doctor's office. I view all interviews as opportunities to learn. The doctor's office was not a typical interview, as they had me sitting in the reception area(behind the reception desk) to see first hand what the duties of the job would be. I could not get a firm commitment as to how many hours the job would have, but am due to talk to them further this week. At the hospital, I first met with a very pleasant Human Resources rep, and then with a department manager. I am very comfortable in the hospital environment, and did not feel stressed at all during the interview.
I started my at-home job this weekend, online scoring with Pearson Education! This is my third year with them, and I found the job through Of course, everything happens all at once: job interviewing, at home job, and now the garage sale season has begun. I enjoy my work with Pearson, but of course I need more than two months a year of work. You must have a Bachelor's degree, and some teaching experience for this job.

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