Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This Blog

I do intend to keep this blog up, as I do not feel that my job seeking is over. I will only be working 10 hours a week. Also, the job I will be doing does not utilize my education or past training. It is a great start, and I hope to build on it. I plan to continue volunteering at a local hospital. I am also planning to study Quickbooks software at home. Additionally, I bought a business plan for medical billing advocacy, so I will be working on that. Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I finally got a job! It is in the field of merchandising, and will involve going to three different local grocery stores, and stocking specific items, making sure more items are ordered, etc. It will only be for about 10 hours a week, but at least I can build some work experience, and be able to get references. I am excited! I will continue looking for part-time work for the afternoons, as well.

I was beginning to get so discouraged, with so few responses to my applications. I could not even seem to get interviews. Especially disheartening to me were the attitudes of the doctor's offices where I applied for work. I have a certificate in medical billing, have run my own business, and also currently volunteer at a local hospital, as a receptionist. Despite this fact, one doctor told me that she was hiring someone with more experience ( for a file clerk job). Another doctor had an opening for a receptionist. I called to check on the opening, and was told that he had written on my resume: "No experience". It was also discouraging to apply to so many local firms, and not get any response. One would think that being local would help. A local grocery chain ignored my application completely. Then there was Home Depot, where I spent a good bit of time on the online application. When I went into the store to follow up, I was told that all positions had been filled months ago.
I am so relieved that I will be employed!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Wild and Crazy Summer!

So far, it has been a busy, busy summer, with two graduations, the arrival of my student who has been studying abroad for the last year, and of course, the ever-present job applications by me! I still have not found a job. I have updated my resume...again, had business cards made, and tried some new ideas for job applications. I applied for several positions at my local grocery stores, but have not received a single response.
I did get a call back for a merchandising position, and am waiting to hear more about that this coming week. However, the job would only be for 6 hours a week! My biggest obstacle to finding a job seems to be my lack of recent experience......