Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Weekly Job Hunt

Once again, there were no new jobs to apply for this week, which I suspect might be a trend for the summer. I am working on another scoring project, however, once again for Pearson Education.It is certainly nice to feel useful, not to mention that it is nice to earn money as well. Today was Mother's Day, and I got an early morning phone call from my college student. My high school student went to work, and I cleaned, mowed the yard, and planted flowers! I plant flowers every year, because here in Illinois this is the date when it is safe to put out annuals. I also called my mother. A nice Mother's day was had by all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

No More Pencils, No More Books??

One of the recommended strategies for the stay- at- home mom is to update her skills, prior to seeking a job. In today's working world, computer skills are essential. I took my first computer class in 1998 ( Windows) and then took a class in keyboarding and one in Microsoft Word. I learned to download music with Napster
( thanks to my kids), and also learned how to sell on eBay. For a short time ( when I was really unloading excess possessions) I was a Powerseller on eBay.
In 2002 I took a detour and took three classes in Real Estate Appraisal. On the first day of class, our instructor announced, "there are no jobs in this field". We all laughed appreciatively, thinking he was joking. He was not. In the state of Illinois, a newly licensed appraiser must apprentice with a licensed appraiser for several hundred hours, and therein lies the catch, as it is virtually impossible to find anyone to take you on. An exception to this would be the several licensed realtors in our class, who had established connections. Nevertheless, I went on to get my license, and found the training personally useful, and hopefully relevant for the day that I buy my next house.
In 2004 I began coursework in Medical Billing, and took nine classes in areas such as coding and insurance. I have been unable to find a job in this field since everyone is seeking Experience. I have been volunteering at my local hospital for over a year now, and remain hopeful that eventually I will be able to land a billing job.
In the past year, I took an online course( a money-saving way to take classes!) in Microsoft Excel.I am also starting an at home class in medical billing advocacy, and may take an online course in Quick Books.