Thursday, April 30, 2009


I did not submit any new applications, and am still waiting to hear from the hospital about my pending application. I did find out that the woman who interviewed me has been laid off, as have many other hospital employees, all non-essential ones. This was a very ironic development. I have been focusing my energies on completing my first scoring project, and also looking into some further education and starting my own business. Also, I have decided not to move right now, which has simplified my current life considerably.
Whenever I feel discouraged, I think of these words from now-President Barack Obama, in The Audacity of Hope:
If there's one thing that social conservatives have been right about, it's that our modern culture sometimes fails to fully appreciate the extraordinary emotional and financial contributions-the sacrifices and just plain hard work-of the stay-at-home mom."
Quite honestly, I never thought that I would have this much trouble finding a job, as I feel I have much to offer to an employer.

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