Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Weekly Job Hunt

No new activity this week, as far as new applications, responses to interviews, etc. This may be due to the holiday week, with both Passover and Easter cutting down on the work week for many. I did start my annual scoring job, with Pearson Education, and hope to put in as many hours as I humanly ( and accurately) can. I am certainly grateful to have this job, and enjoy scoring the math word problems. It is also nice to have a job that requires a college degree, as some of the jobs I have interviewed for do not, and it is nice to know that I have not wasted four years of my life!
The buying season also opened up, with rummage sales and even a few garage sales. I am seriously contemplating starting my antique business again, while I look for outside employment. I went to a really good rummage sale last week, and this weekend, I went to a block sale near Lake Michigan. There was a good deal of bad behavior by some of the notorious dealers, but luckily no pushing or shoving. If I do reactivate my business, I also intend to learn to use Quickbooks, which would be a useful employment skill

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