Monday, April 20, 2009

My Weekly Job Hunt

A truly boring week for me, in terms of no new jobs to apply for. However, I am so busy with my scoring work, that I have little time to worry. I did get called in to the hospital, where I had interviewed for a job several weeks ago. I was called in to take a math test, as well as a typing test. I have never taken a typing test in my life, but luckily I took a keyboarding class several years ago. No word yet from the hospital as to how I did. The typing test also made me recall my administrative job in the long-ago working world, where anything which I needed to have typed was given to our department secretary, and she typed it on her word processor. Very twentieth century. My scoring work has given me new found admiration for all single working mothers. I have found it very challenging to put in hours along with cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, etc. etc. I am so very appreciative to the website for leading me to the scoring job!

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