Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twenty- First Century Skills Needed!

Computer skills are needed for many jobs, especially in office work and education. Many workplaces use their own type of computer software, such as medical or accounting software, but nearly all jobs expect their workers to be able to use email, Windows, Word, and often Excel.An exception might be retail,but you would need to use a computerized cash register. There are many practical uses for all of these skills, especially in your job search. Microsoft Word is vital for cover letters and resumes. With Excel, you can make a spreadsheet of all of your job applications, with outcomes. Email is needed to send in most resumes.
I took my first computer classes in 1998, starting with Windows, then keyboarding and Word. Recently, I took an Excel class online(from ed2go), which I found to be an excellent learning method for me. I also encountered and used Microsoft Access in a medical billing class. If you are not up to date in your computer skills, now is the time to get busy!

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