Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Weekly Job Hunt Report

This past week was a slow one for me, as there were NO new ads appearing that I could answer. I did put in two more applications at the hospital where I have been volunteering. I also heard back from the doctor with whom I had two interviews, and he had selected someone else with more experience.
Each day, during the work week, I check the following places for jobs :Craigslist(I search in many categories), I search for all jobs in my area),, and I also check the weekly ads in our local newspaper, and the job web site at 4 local hospitals.

Here is my interesting ad for the week:
"PA/Administrative needed to administrate and organize my art studio. Some art related oil painting studio duties, varied and interesting computer work. Cooking a plus."
I did not apply for this job, as I have no art related experience. Nor am I willing to cook for an employer. I guess I am just not suited for a personal assistant position. More later on knowing your strengths and weaknesses when applying for jobs....


  1. You hang in there Catherine, something will come along for you. Have you tried Affiliate Marketing? I am about to learn about it and see what its all about. Good luck to you,

  2. Keep pushing on - you will find something eventually. Any thoughts on working at home? Maybe you could find something there too.