Friday, March 13, 2009

Interviewing Tips and Tales

I have had three interviews so far in my search; two of them were at the same place. I also had the opportunity to go to a seminar run by Oscar Adler, who is a former salesperson, and has written a book called Sell Yourself in Any Interview. His approach focuses on finding the needs of each interviewer(potential employer) and selling them on your individual "features", and how you can benefit their organization.
It is very true that most of us go into interviews determined to showcase our own talents, but Adler feels that the focus should be on the employer, and what we can do for them.

Both of my interviews were with doctors, in very different settings, one in a more urban area with a small office, and the other in a very suburban area, with a larger office. Looking back on the interviews, it is hard to pin down what the two doctors were looking for, except for what they both mentioned when they followed up with me: Experience. I tried to point out my talents and past experience, but now realize that some of what I related might not have been useful to the two employers. Mr. Adler's seminar came after my interviews, but I intend to try his methods, starting with my next interview!

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